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Online Classes

Hello DEAR Friends! This is the online class schedule for Fall 2020. At this time, we will only be offering a live presentation one day a week at the Penfield Community Center on Tuesdays from 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM and at 2:15 – 3:45 PM. The morning program will be Penfield Recreation Staff Present: Tuesday Lectures and  Mr. Lincoln  will be at 2:15.  Participants cannot attend both programs and we will have a limited number of people allowed in the room.  If you would like to attend either program in person you must call 340-8655 option 0 to register.

If you would like to attend one of the Tuesday Lectures you must pick one to attend live. These programs will also be available online. If you would like to attend more than one we will put your name on a waitlist and let you know if there is an opening. We will be taking Penfield Residents and DEAR volunteers first.

If you would like to attend the Mr. Lincoln class you can call to reserve a spot for the entire six-week series. We will be taking Penfield Residents and DEAR volunteers first. This will also be available online.

If you would like to attend one of our live programs you will need to adhere to the mandated safety policies that are now in place.

A grab-and-go lunch/curbside pickup prepared in our kitchen will also be available to purchase for $4 on Tuesdays. You can order a lunch online or call and place a lunch order up to 24 hours in advance. Unfortunately, we are not ready for folks to stay and have lunch with us at the Penfield Community Center. 


The underlined colored link will lead you to the Zoom registration page. Fill out the registration and if done successfully Zoom will send you a confirmation email that you will use to join the class. You must register for each class you would like to attend, but only once for any of the recurring courses. 

Did you miss one of the Zoom orientation classes? No problem! E-mail Pam at to set up a tutorial.


 FREE Online DEAR Zoom Classes ~

Please visit Penfield Recreation’s fall brochure for class descriptions. 



Unusual American Biographies

Nels Carman
September 14-December 21
2:45 PM

Coffee Chat
September 21-December 21 

Brain Work Potential
France McCloskey
November 2-16

Life and Music of the World's Famous Composers
Joan Albany
November 2-December 21

NEW DATE - Leonardo da Vinci and the Italian High Renaissance 
Rick Gough
November 2-December 7


Zoom & live morning program at Penfield Community Center

Nov. 3 - Jim VanMeter's Art Forum Replay

Nov. 10 - Photos of Old Penfield Part II - Kathy Kanauer

Nov. 17 - Parish Blue: Meet Maxfield Parish - Pam Gerace

Nov. 24 - Unusual America: More Roadside Attractions

Great Inventions
Lisa Hibner
September 15-December 22
12:30-1:30PM - NEW TIME

The Influences of the Who What and Where in American Politics
John Schmeelk
October 27-December 1




Understanding Quantum Physics
Matt Mansfield
September 16-December 9

Book Discussion: How to be an Antiracist by Ibram X. Kindi
Sharon Burke
October 21-November 4

Artificial Intelligence in Our Everyday World
Al Biles
October 28-December 9
9:45-10:45 AM


THURSDAYS (No classes 11/26)


The 1619 Project - Black American's Contributions to US History
Rosemary Irwin
October 22-December 3

Warriors, Intellectuals, and Queens
Diane Robbins
October 22-December 3

The Winchester Mystery House
Pam Gerace
October 22-29


FRIDAYS  (No classes 11/27)


Art Forum
Jim VanMeter
September 11-December 18

Understanding Great Art
Pam Gerace
October 30-December 11 (no class 11/27)

Solutions for Transferring, Preserving, and Sharing Your Digital Family Memories
Allen Hibner
October 23-November 20

Most of us have many old camcorder and VHS videotapes, 8mm & 16mm films, cassette tapes and hundreds or even thousands of photographic prints and 35mm slides tucked away in boxes or old photo albums in our basements and attics. We may even have hundreds or thousands of unorganized digital photos now stored on our computer hard drives or on old CD disks. The other piece of this complex equation is that we all long to tell our stories - stories currently locked up in all of this old analog and digital media. We all want future generations to know that our lives mattered while we were here and alive. The problem is that it can be overwhelming to know how to translate all of the "born analog" and "born digital" media we have into meaningful and touching digital productions preserved for those future generations. Let's face it--the future of all of our media going forward is digital and the recent pandemic has just dramatically increased the urgency for all of us to get our stories digitally produced and distributed to our family and friends.

Allen Hibner embarked on a path to find and implement his own solutions to transfer, preserve and share his family's treasured digital memories. This five-day presentation will demonstrate the five-part process he developed which includes transferring, preserving, producing, publishing, and propelling these digital memories into the future. Expect an in-depth look at a wide range of existing hardware tools, software tools (including some free shareware programs) and available services, in many price ranges, some of which you may want to obtain and use for your own projects. This will be a fascinating journey through the creation of your own time capsule of digital family memories before they are lost to the ages.

Mystery Horror Theater
Nels Carman
October 23 - December 4

Wine Chat: Ghostly Encounters
Pam Gerace
October 30
Do you have a real ghost story to tell? Come share your experience with us as we use this hour to explore the spirit world.


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